Sewage Treatment refers to the process of removing contaminants, micro-organisms and other types of pollutants from wastewater. We are a renowned firm, which is engaged in providing Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Everything you flush down or put down a sink or drain gets treated in our sewerage network. We provides all types of Sewage Treatment Plant and Equipment. Our objective is to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream and a solid waste suitable for disposal or reuse. Sewage goes through a multi-stage process of treatment at our plants. These processes clean and filter the sewage to remove:

  • Bad Bacteria
  • Non-Organic Matter (plastics, wet wipes etc.)
  • Organic Solid Matter
  • Sediments
  • Pollutants


  • High strength
  • Easy installation
  • No odour generation
  • Less power consumption
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